9.7.0 New Functionality

Onware 9.7.0 Was Released on 31 August 2017

Change Directive

Setting “Automate Pricing”

Although there are two different workflows possible for a Change Directive, through investigation we determined only one workflow process is ever utilized on a project.  As such, in version 9.7.0 we have created two distinct workflows for Change Directives.

When a new project is created, the project will default to using the CCDC version of a Change Directive workflow, where the Change Directive is utilized to direct a change in work, within the general scope of the contract, without a formal cost supplied.

Default Workflow for new projects:

If your project uses Change Directives to modify the contract scope with additional work, potentially impacting the contract value and/or time, enable to “Automate Pricing” setting to alter the workflow accordingly.  This setting can be configured from the Settings icon

Please see the Onware User Guide for more information on how to adjust settings.

Change Directive with “Automate Pricing” setting workflow:

Multiple Approvals

Do you require more than one Owner to review and approve a Change Directive?  Use the “Change Directive Approval” setting.

When multiple Owners are configured in the Change Directive Approval setting, Onware adjusts the approval workflow process, sending an action item to the first Owner listed in the Approval setting.  Once the first Owner has approved the Change Directive, the second Owner will receive an action item for their review and approval of the Change Directive.  The actions will continue to be sent to the Owners in the hierarchy defined within the Approval setting, until all Owners have reviewed and approved the Change Directive.  Once all required Owners have approved the Change Directive, the status of the Change Directive will display as Approved.

This setting is configured within Settings, and can be accessed by selecting the Settings icon

Progress Claim

Does a Progress Claim require revision and resubmission from the General Contractor Project Manager?  This is now possible in Onware version 9.7.0.

Selecting the “Return” button will send an Action Item to the General Contractor Project Manager, where they can either cancel the Progress Claim, or create a revision of the Progress Claim to submit.

Onware tracks the revisions to the Progress Claim on the Search page, in the Standard Report, as well as when the Contract Administrator can review the Progress Claim.

In addition to the revision functionality, version 9.7.0 also includes the ability to have Onware automatically update the contract value by the push of a button. Just like Change Orders, Progress Claims will now display the Original Contract Value and included the “Update to current value” button.

Search – Document or title search across all project documents

Have you ever had the need to find a document with the word “pipe” in the title, but for the life of you, cannot remember which type of document it was?  Use Onware’s new function, Search, to find your document!

On the Home screen, with your project selected, the Search field displays.  This field will search the document number and title of documents across the project which you have access to.  To view the printed version of the document, simply select it from the returned results.  That’s it! 

Request for Subsitution

A Substitution request during the Construction phase of a project, can now be created and tracked within Onware.  The General Contractor Project Manager can create and issue a Request for Substitution (RFS) document, from the Construction menu, detailing the substitution information, for review by the Contract Administrator.  Upon review, the Contract Administrator can:

  1. Return – For use when errors with the original submission are found
  2. Not Accepted – For use when the proposed Substitution is not accepted
  3. Request Recommendations – For use when Consultant input is required prior to Substitution being deemed acceptable/not acceptable
  4. Close – For use when no further action required
  5. Close & Create Change – For use when the RFS proceeds to a scope change and a Change document is required

For more information on the Request for Substitution feature, or detailed step-by-step instructions, please see our Userguide http://usersguide.onware.com/

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