Identified Issue: When multiple Internet Browser tabs were used, it was possible for a Recommendation to be linked to the incorrect project.

Progress Claim

Identified Issue: When the Amount claimed value matches the Total Contract value, an error was generated.


Identified Issue: Submittal action items to Consultants or Contract Administrators were not cleared when the “Issue and Mark Returned” button was used to retrun the Submittal to the Contractor.

Identified Issue: Unable to delete an attachment uploaded to a Submittal History.

Identified Issue: If revisions have been created, previous revisions could be re-opened for editing.

Identified Issue: Unable to close a Submittal when Initiated History Items have been “Marked as Deleted”.


Identified Issue: Unable to cancel a Change if a document linked to the Change has been deleted.

Site Visit

Identified Issue: When a Contract Administrator used the “Issue & Create SI” button, fields from the Site Visit were deleted.


Identified Issue: Internet Browser cookies were not clearing successfully upon every log out.

Change Request

Identified Issue: Ability to unlink a Change Request from a Change.

Consultant Recommendation

Identified Issue: Consultants without a discipline set in their Person were able to create a Consultant Recommendation.


Identified Issue: Users with project specific access of Contract Administrator received an error when attempting to close a Quotation.

Request for Information

Identified Issue: PDF did not include the document name.


Identified Issue: Columns in the CSV were not populating.