9.9.0 New Functionality

Onware 9.9.0 Was released on 27 February 2018

Change Directive sign off

When the status of a Change Directive is Issued, a Sign-off link will now display within the search results table for Contract Administrators.  Selecting Sign-off will provide Contract Administrators the ability to populate the Owners name and date of the approval, as well as the General Contractor’s name and date of acknowledgement.

Cancel Functionality

The ability to Cancel has been implemented for the following documents.  E-mail subscriptions can be configured for this new status.

  • Request For Information
  • Clarification Request
  • Subcontractor Request For Information
  • Unsolicited Change Request

New Statuses


A return status has been implemented for the following documents.  E-mail subscriptions can be configured for this new status.

  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Site Visit
  • Field Order


A reviewed status has been implemented for the below documents. When an “All Recommendations Received” Action Item is triggered, the corresponding document will update to the status of Reviewed.  Email subscriptions can be configured for this status.

  • Unsolicited Change Request
  • Progress Claim
  • Quotation
  • Request For Substitution


When a Contract Administrator creates a Submittal, they will be required to populate the name of whom Issued, and date of the Issuance.

Change Order

Need a single document which combines all the backup information to satisfy a Change Order? Onware introduces the Package link!  On the Change Order Search page, the PDF link previously displayed has now been replaced with a Package link. Selecting the Package link will open a combined PDF of all PDF documents included in the Change Order E-mail subscription, presently accessible in the software.  The Package link does not contain non-PDF documents. There will be instances where the Package link is not available, such as when the Change Order has just transitioned from Initiated to Issued.  Immediately following this transition, Onware has not yet generated a PDF of the Change Order, and as such, is in the process of creating the Package. There will also be instances where the Package link displays, but the combined PDF documents is unavailable.  In this situation, the user will be provided a message asking them to re-try at a later time.

Subconractor Request for Information

When a Subcontractor receives a returned Subcontractor Request for Information, a new button called “Close + Create new Subcontractor RFI” will display in the Top Toolbar.  When selected,  Onware will automatically copy the title of the original Subcontractor RFI as well as create a link between the two Subcontractor RFI’s.

Administrator Specific

Inactive Project Access

Administrators (Project and Software) can now access inactive projects to retrieve project documents without the need to re-activate the project. From the Project Search page we have incorporated a “Status” column into the Search results table.  If the status of a project is Inactive, a “Select” link will display.  Clicking “Select” will default you to the selected project.  The project identifier information denotes your current project is inactive When accessing an Inactive project, the Administrator will only be able to select document View, PDF or Audit links.

User or Company Creation

Onware will provide a warning when a User Account with the same name (first and last) is created, or when a company with an identical name is created.

User Account

If a new User has not yet completed their invitation process, Onware will now display the date the last Invitation was sent on.

Replace User

Do you have turn over on your project?  A new project participant requiring the same project configuration as an existing project participant?  Use the Replace User button to quickly replace and configure a New User from an Existing User.

The Replace User button is found within the “Manage Users on this project” page.

  1. Type to find the Existing project User.  Select Users name once it appears in the search.
  2. Type to find the New User to be added to the project.  The User must have an account created prior to using “Replace User”.
  3. Select all items which you require to be replaced.
  4. Choose Replace to complete the request.

Using the Replace User functionality, you can:

  • Assign the New User identical project access as the Existing User
  • Assign the New User identical project-specific Discipline and/or Trade as the Existing User
  • Assign the New User the same E-mail Subscriptions as the Existing User
  • Remove the Existing User from this project
  • Replace the Existing User’s Change Directive or Change Order approval with the New User*

* When Change Directive and/or Change Order approvals are replaced, if the Existing User has Action Items for Approvals, the “Replace User” functionality will not re-generate Action Items for those documents.  If required, the New User must complete the Approval of these documents from the document’s Search page.


Project Specific Contract Reporting

A new report, called the Contract Standard Report, found in the “Reports” section of the Contract Search page is now available.  This report will provide summary details, calculations and totals for the Project’s contracts.

New Status – Closed

Has your project been configured with multiple contracts?  Is one of those contracts no longer applicable, or complete?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to “remove” it from the software so it wasn’t accidentally selected in a document?  Welcome to the Closing of Contracts! You may have noticed we introduced statuses to Contracts in Version 9; however, up until now, the status of a Contract didn’t affect project documents. As of version 9.9.0, we have tied the status of closed to usability in project documents. If a contract is set to the status of Closed, it will no longer display in any Contract drop down selector for new documents. What about documents currently in progress?  We considered this also!  In these documents, the contract will display, but will be identified with (closed) after the contract title to denote it is a Closed Contract.


Consultant Recommendation “Document to Issue” list

The options which display in a Consultant Recommendation’s “Document to issue” drop down will now display a combined list of both the Change and Supplemental Instruction “Document to issue” drop down lists.  As such, on existing projects, it may be prudent to review your project’s options and revise, if necessary.* *Things to Consider:

  • If there are duplicates options seen in a Consultant Recommendation “Document to issue” drop down, one or both settings may need to be amended.
  • Deletion of options can impact previously created documents and as such, it is strongly recommended to speak with our Client Services team prior to deleting any options from these settings.

Software Administraor

Easier access to Custom Report Editor has arrived! The built in Custom Report Builder Editor now has a Search page dedicated to managing all your Custom Reports.  The Search Page, called Reports, is found under the Administration Menu. From the Search page you can easily:

  • Search
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Copy (from the “Select an Action” drop down list)
  • Open the Editor to make adjustments to the display of a Custom Report

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