Onware 9.12 New Functionality

Onware 9.12 Was released on 06 July 2018

Search pages – New Layout

From time to time, we assess the layout of pages with Onware to determine any areas of improvement are observed.  During this review, it was evident a significant amount of space was allotted for action links (View, PDF, Delete, Audit, for example).  It quickly became apparent if these were consolidated, space would be available to include add additional document information, which may be more valuable to users. All Action links, with the exception of Edit, have been consolidated for:

  • Change
  • Change Order
  • Progress Claim
  • Supplemental Instruction

If feedback received regarding the consolidation is positive, the new layout will be implemented to additional document Search screens in upcoming versions of Onware.

PDF Package

Need a single document which combines all the backup information to satisfy a document? Onware introduces the Package Action link for Change, Change Order, Progress Claim and Supplemental Instruction!  Selecting the Package option  will open a combined PDF of all PDF documents included in the document’s E-mail subscription, presently accessible in the software.  The Package link does not contain non-PDF documents. There may be instances where the Package link is not available, such as when the document has just transitioned from Initiated to Issued.  Immediately following this transition, Onware has not yet generated a PDF of the document, and as such, is in the process of creating the Package.   There will also be instances where the Package link displays, but the combined PDF documents is unavailable.  In this situation, the user will be provided a message asking them to re-try at a later time.

New status – Reviewed

A reviewed status has been implemented for the below documents. When an “All Consultant Recommendations Received” Action Item is triggered, the corresponding document will update to the status of Reviewed.  Email subscriptions can be configured for this status.

  • Change
  • Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

Contract Administrators can now solicit feedback on the scope of work proposed in a Supplemental Instruction prior to issuing to the General Contractor.  Selecting the “Request Consultant Recommendations” action button will allow the Contract Administrator to select which discipline(s) are required to respond and a corresponding Action Item will appear on the Consultant’s Action Items list. In order to facilitate this new workflow, two new statuses have been implemented:

  • Requesting – The Supplemental Instruction will transition to Requesting status when disciplines have been asked to respond
  • Reviewed – The Supplemental Instruction will transition to the Reviewed status when all requested disciplines have issued their Consultant Recommendation response to the SI

New Settings; RFI Cut off

If your contract specifies a time to regulate whether the RFI is considered submitted the same day or the next day, using the RFI Cut Off setting will provide this level of detail in Onware’s reporting also. When RFI is issued past the cut off time set in the setting, the RFI’s aging is considered to commence the next calendar day. If the RFI is issued prior to the setting’s cut off time, the aging will be determined by the issued date.