• Change Request Search page now includes the ability to sort by the Change number
  • Change Order value is now included on the Search Page results table
  • Change Order standard has been enhanced for ease of readability, and now includes the Change in Time
  • When a Contract Administrator is closing a Consultant Recommendation from within a Change, Onware will re-direct the Contract Administrator to the Change
  • Company Directory’s user list now includes sorting by last name
  • Project copy now includes ability to copy Task types
  • When a Unsolicited Change Request is moved to the status of “Request Re-quote” the Action Item will be sent to all General Contractor Project Managers on the project
  • Contract Administrator’s Edit button has been replaced with a “Mark as Deleted” button for Request for Information.  Response(s) marked as deleted will not display on printed form and will allow the Contract Administrator to re-issue the RFI to selected discipline(s) again, if required.
  • When editing a Submittal, the order of Submittal Histories have been updated to sort with most recent to oldest
  • Submittals displaying on the Contract Administrator’s Project Summary will now include the “Last Recipient” in the “Waiting for” column
  • Supplemental Instruction is now included on the Contract Administrator’s Project Summary and includes aging as well as discipline(s) response tracking
  • When a Quotation is initiated using the “Enter on Behalf of” button, the Change status will update to Priced upon Quotation issuance
  • An RFI can now be re-issued to a Discipline that has previously responded.  The original response must be “Marked as Deleted”, prior to re-issuing to the Discipline

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9.12.1 Fixes