9.13.0 Enhancements and Fixes

9.13.10 Onware was released on 24 July 2018

  • Updated the Change Reason Codes setting to not display Reason Codes in the Change “Reason Code” drop down list when non-numeric characters are entered in the first field of the setting.  Only numeric values, with no other characters, are permitted in the first field of the setting.
  • Change Order standard report displayed the Acknowledged date in the “Signed by Contractor” column and the approved date in the “Signed by Owner” column
  • Included the Submitted by and submitted date to the Progress Claim Excel/CSV
  • Included Disciplines “Waiting for” and “Responded” to the Quotation Excel/CSV
  • Included the RFI’s “Returned” date to the RFI Standard Report
  • Design Change Order standard form did not display Change Estimates
  • Change Request standard form did not display Change Estimates
  • Updated wording of Change Request standard form’s “Time Impact” to “Change in Contract Time” to be consistent with the editing page of a Change Request
  • Viewing an initiated Supplemental Instruction which has no “document to issue” selected generated an error
  • Improved scroll ability within the project drop down list on the Home screen
  • Updated Change Orders to order by number when displaying on the Progress Claim standard form
  • Updated wording of Site Visit “Date” to “Date of Site Visit”
  • Consultant Recommendation “Document to Issue” drop down list now sorts in alphabetical order