• Inability to place cursor in Site Visit Item when using Firefox
  • Creating an Unsolicited Change Request revision generated an error
  • General Contractor Project Managers unable to see the “Re-quote Requested/Not Accepted” text when reviewing a Re-quote Requested Unsolicited Change Request
  • Inability to save a Meeting Item when adjusting the type within the Meeting Item grid
  • Selecting save when editing a Project generated an error
  • Contract type drop down field displayed a [Null] option
  • Sort by number in the below document Search page results grid did not sort ascending/descending
    • Progress Claim
    • Unsolicited Change Request
    • Request for Information
  • Contract Administrators were directed to the incorrect page when a Supplemental Instruction is in the status of Requesting
  • Consultants were unable to delete attachments within a Submittal History forwarded to them


Unsolicited Change Request

Re-open for Editing has been re-named to Re-open for Issue. A Cancelled UCR will re-open to Issued state, providing a Contract Administrator the access to return the UCR to the General Contractor Project Manager by either Requesting Re-quote or Not Accepted action item.


Based on user feedback we have re-implemented the ability to copy the contents of a Meeting Item into a new Meeting Item quickly and easily using the new “Copy” button.