Introducing E-mail Package!


New in 9.20.0, E-mail Package provides the flexibility to generate a combined package of documents, without waiting for it to generate immediately.

Like the “Package” option, E-mail Package combines PDF documents into a single PDF, but does so behind the scenes, allowing you to work on other documents and tasks in Onware.  When it is complete, it automatically sends you an e-mail with the combined package of PDF documents.

Similar to E-mail Subscription, when the e-mail is received, you can access the document by:

  1. Opening the attachment
  2. Downloading the Package by selecting the file link
  3. Downloading the entire package as a zip file

E-mail Package functionality available in 9.20.0 is available in the Change Order document only, however, the functionality will be implemented throughout all documents in future releases.

Things to Consider

  • Non-PDF attachments, such as images, are not included in the package of documents
  • E-mail attachment size limits are still applicable when sending the E-mail package