Progress Claims

New Functionality and Enhancements available in 9.20.0


Manage Timelines with a Review Due Date

In anticipation of the prompt payment provision of the Ontario’s Construction Act effective October 1, a “Review Required By” due date has been introduced to assist in managing review timelines for your project’s Progress Claims.

In addition, configure the “Default Review Required By Duration” setting per project or across all projects, new in 9.20.0, to pre-set the “Review Required By” date when a new Progress Claim is initiated.  The date populated is determined by the initiated date of the Progress Claim + number of days set in the setting.
e.g. Setting is set for 7 days and the Progress Claim initiated 10/01/19, the “Review Required By” date will auto-populate a date of 10/08/19.


Improved Associated Change Order section

Have you been confused why a Change Order seems to display repeatedly in a Progress Claim?  The visual display of Change Order information in the “Associated Change Order” section of a Progress Claim has been improved to eliminate this confusion!

Each Change Order can now be expanded to display the Change details associated with the Change Order.

Want to display the Change detail for all Change Orders?  We’ve got that covered also!  You can expand one Change Order individually, or select the expand option in the header row of the Change Order section to Change details display for all Change Orders!

Further, we have adjusted the “Add” to be more visually prominent and consistent with our other buttons.

Workflow Adjustments

Version 9.20.0 includes improvements to the Progress Claim return workflow, based on your feedback. We recommend reviewing the “Things to Consider” section below to review how these adjustments may impact your current projects.

The “Return” status has been renamed “Request Revision” to standardize the workflows of revisions within Onware.

When requesting a revision, the “Reason for Revision” must be completed.

Once a Progress Claim transitions to “Revision Requested” status,  Action Item will now be sent to all General Contractor Project Manager, allowing any General Contractor Project Manager on the project to Action.


Things to Consider

  • “Default Review Required By Duration” setting is disabled by default
  • Custom Forms will need to be amended to include “Reason for Revision” field and “Review Required by”, if applicable
  • Progress Claims in “Returned” status will automatically adjust status to “Revision Requested” upon 9.20.0
  • “Private Comments” text previously entered will not populate into the new “Reason for Revision” text box for Progress Claims created prior to 9.20.0