Request for Substitution

When a Contract Administrator is reviewing a issued RFS, a new action, “Close & Create SI” has been included. When “Close & Create SI” is selected, the RFS status will update from Issued to Closed; a new Supplemental Instruction will be initiated, and the RFS will be linked to the initiated Supplemental Instruction.


Request for Information

When Contract Administrators are reviewing an RFI, they have the ability to enter their own response using the “New Response” button. Prior to version 9.21.0, this button was located in the Top Toolbar, and the response was displayed as a pop-up window. Based on user feedback, we have re-designed this functionality. In version 9.21.0, the “New Response” button now displays directly below other responses, and when selected, all fields previously available in the pop-up window will display, allowing the Contract Administrator to issue their response.


Supplemental Instruction and Change

To provide visibility on Consultant Recommendations requested for a Change or Supplemental Instruction, which disciplines are “Waiting For” a response and which have “Responded”, is now visible when editing a Change or Supplement Instruction as well as within the CSV/Excel Report.



Progress Claim

When Consultant Recommendation is requested, and “Review Required by Date” is set, Consultants will see this information when they review the Progress Claim.


  • When a Change Order Custom Form is edited and “Save As” is used, Contract Type is not set
  • Submittal Type setting displays html code for “&” when saved
  • When saving or downloading a RFI printed form, “Information” is misspelled
  • Unable to select items in dropdown fields
  •  When Change Order Approval setting is enabled, and the Change Order is approved, the approving user(s) name, company name and signature of the approver(s) do not display in the PDF within an E-mail subscription
  • Contract page does not display data/time correctly for users in multiple timezones
  • Email Address shows “blank” or empty when emails were sent by users with accent mark in their display names
  • “Initiated” Changes are restricted to the initiator and/or user with Contract Administrator Access
  • Users received multiple Action Item emails for the same UCR Recommendation Requests
  • Users received multiple Action Item emails for the same Quotation Recommendation Requests
  • Progress Claim Standard View/PDF Report shows “Reason for Revision” text at the bottom of the page
  • Site Visit Number does not show when editing an imported item
  • Change Directive Approval setting can only be amended when a Change Directive is “Closed”
  • Only the “Requested by” person receives an Action Item when a Supplemental Instruction transitions from “Requesting” to “Reviewed”



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