Unsolicited Change Request

New Functionality

Package and Email Package

The UCR Search page has been refreshed to include the “Package” and “E-mail Package” functionality. Like the “Package” option, E-mail Package combines PDF documents into a single PDF, but does so behind the scenes, allowing you to work on other documents and tasks in Onware.  When it is complete, it automatically sends you an e-mail with the combined package of PDF documents.

Things to Consider
  • Non-PDF attachments, such as images, are not included in the package of documents
  • E-mail attachment size limits are still applicable when sending the E-mail package

Enhancements available in 9.21.0

New Setting: Require Reason

A new setting, called “Require Reason”, is available in version 9.21.0.  When enabled, either globally or on a per project basis, the “Reason” field in a UCR will be mandatory to complete prior to issuing.

New Field: Time Impact Field

In cases wherein it is anticipated the project’s schedule will be affected by the described, the General Contractor Project Manager can document the impact using the new “Time Impact” field. “Time Impact” details are copied into a Quotation when a Change is created directly from the review of the UCR.

Ability to create a UCR on behalf of the General Contractor Project Manager

Contract Administrators now have the ability to create a UCR on behalf of the Contractor. When a UCR is created on behalf of a General Contractor Project Manager, two fields “Issued By” and “Issue On” are required to be completed prior to issuance, to document who and when the UCR was received.

In addition to the enhancements above, Contract Administrators can now adjust certain fields when reviewing a UCR.

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