New Setting: Require Approval Workflow

You spoke, we listened!  Not every project requires an Owner to approve a Change prior to issuance of a Change Order.  In version 9.22.0, a new setting called “Require Approval Workflow” has been implemented to allow you to choose whether the Approval process is required for your project!

This new setting can be configured globally or on a per project basis. By default, this setting is disabled (turned off), meaning all projects will not request Owner Project Manager approval of the Change. When this setting is enabled (turned on), issued Changes will send an alert to the Owner Project Manager(s) on the project, and requires the Change to be approved prior to its association in a Change Order.

We recommend reviewing the “Things to Consider” section below to understand how this new setting may impact your current projects.

Things to Consider:

  • Require Approval Workflow setting is disabled by default. All projects that require Owner Project Manager(s) to approve Changes will be required to enable this setting.
  • Existing Owner Project Manager alerts requesting approval of a Change will still remain and will will need to be dismissed manually.
    NOTE: Please refer to Onware Users Guide for instructions on How to Dismiss Action Items
  • Change Order “Associated Changes” section will display Changes based on the following conditions:
    • Setting disabled (off) – Changes of status “Issued”
    • Setting enabled (on) – Changes of status “Approved”

Improvements to viewing Quotations when editing a Change

In 9.22.0, Contract Administrators no longer have to navigate to multiple Quotations to view why a re-quote was requested. When a Contract Administrator edits a Change,  the “Reason for Re-quote details will now be visible on Quotations section along with the Quotations details regardless of its status.


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