Meeting Improvements

We received a significant amount of feedback for Meetings; identifying areas of issues and  improvements, and implementing resolutions as necessary. We recommend reviewing the “Things to Consider” section below to know how these improvements may impact your current projects during this transition.

Simplified number format

Prior to version 9.23.0, Meeting Items Number was formatted as: [Meeting No.]-[Item No.] with the “Item No.” sequence based from the number of items of the same Item Type in that Meeting.

Upon version 9.23.0, new Meeting Items will increment based on a single 6 digit number, starting at 000001 and no longer reference the Meeting number it was created in, nor look to the number of Items of the same type.

Meeting Item Grid

To assist with identifying which Meeting the Meeting Item originated in, a “Meeting Number” column number has been added to the grid.

(Click on the image to open in a new tab)

Things to Consider:
  • As of 9.23.0, Meeting Item numbering starts at 000001, regardless of the number of Meetings or Meeting Items previously created.
  • Meeting Item number runs consecutively based on the project.
  • You can choose to edit the “Number” to follow the previous numbering format to keep its consistency.
  • Editing the “Number” is only possible if the Meeting Item is created in that Meeting.
  • We recommend reviewing your Custom Forms and amended if necessary.
Meeting Item Inline Editing

Additional buttons for adding and deleting of rows/columns have been included into inline editing of Meeting Items.

We’ve implemented a “Select an Action” dropdown and replaced the buttons in Meeting Item section.

In addition, when a user selects “copy” or  “delete” from the dropdown options, a warning message will pop-up, allowing user to confirm before the action is completed.

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