9.23.0 Request for Substitution

Revisions available in Request for Substitution Workflow

Does your Request for Substitution (RFS) document require revision and re-submission from the General Contractor Project Manager? Version 9.23.0 includes improvements based on your feedback. We recommend reviewing the “Things to Consider” section below how these improvements may impact your current projects.

Not Accepted

When “Not Accepted” is selected, a reason for choosing Not Accepted must be entered into the new  “Not Accepted Reason” text box.  The Not Accepted Reason will also display on the standard printed form.

Further, selecting Not Accepted will now notify, via an Action Item, all the General Contractor Project Managers on the project.


When a RFS is “Not Accepted”, the General Contractor Project Manager will have the ability to create a new revision or cancel the RFS.

Selecting “New Revision” will:

  1. Create a new RFS document with the RFS number revision incremented
  2. Automatically link the previous version to the current revision
  3. Update the status of the previous revision to  “Cancelled”

With the introduction of revisions, the RFS numbering has also been updated to depict the revision.  In addition, the search page now includes the ability to filter results to show all revisions or just latest revisions.

Things to consider:
  • As the “Returned” status has been removed, RFS in “Returned” status prior to 9.23.0 will be updated to the status of “Not Accepted” upon 9.23.0
  • Private comments entered into an RFS will remain as a Private Comment
  • Custom forms may need to be updated to display “Not Accepted” field.
  • When an RFS transitions to the “Not Accepted” status, an action item is sent to all General Contractor Project Managers

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