Onware’s strength is our detailed logs and comprehensive workflows

Project Administration & Design

Project Communication

Action Items

  • Real-time list of items requiring input
  • Color coded to visually identify new and overdue items
  • Automatically dismissed once input is completed

Clarification Request

  • Obtain clarification or pose a question to any project group or individual participant
  • Create private Clarification Requests with role-based access

Dashboard & Reporting

  • Use the Project Summary to visualize project document progression, including document aging, in real-time
  • Flexible, detailed document specific reports with convenient filters to control which data displays on the reports
  • Document specific reports: A summary version formatted for printing; many exportable versions, including a CSV file that can be opened in spreadsheet software

Documentation Tracking

  • Upload documents or reports for acknowledgement of receipt
  • Create private Documentation documents with role-based access
  • Send to any project group or individual participant

E-mail Notifications

  • Users can specify which types of e-mails they want to receive
  • E-mails are automatically distributed to the correct people
  • Automatically combines documents, attaching the single PDF, to the e-mail


  • Organize and record all meeting details
  • Track and assign action items to project participants
  • Distribute meeting minutes via e-mail
  • Create private meetings with role-based access


  • Organize and record communication sent on project
  • E-mail project documents, at any time, to anyone, directly from within Onware

Project Administration

File Storage & Sharing

  • Own and archive all project data
  • Role-based access to folders and files
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Accessible by all project participants 24/7 

PDF Markup, Tagging and Stamping

  • Stamp Submittal PDF drawings directly in Onware using our built-in stamping tool
  • Tag PDF attachments with live links to Onware document(s)
  • Use our Bluebeam integration to create Studio sessions, notify reviewers to join the session, mark up the drawings, and retrieve the final document – without leaving Onware

Project Directories

  • Create, store and manage an unlimited number of users, companies and projects
  • Assign user permissions
  • Invite users to collaborate on your project(s)
  • 150+ settings for unique project configuration


Time Sheets & Expenses

  • Electronic timesheet and expense submission, approvals, tracking and reporting by billable or non-billable line items
  • Flexible approval hierarchy
  • Per user accrual tracking for sick, vacation, time in lie and/or overtime
  • Project invoice billing reporting

Bidding & Negotiation

Contract Bid & Award

Request for Alternatives

  • Propose an alternate during the bidding process

Letter of Authorization

  • Official letter to bidders acknowledging successful or unsuccessful bid submission


  • Notification to bidders of modification to the previous bid documentation


Site Communications

Supplemental Instruction

  • Easily request, track and report Consultant input on instructions
  • Record acknowledgement of instruction received by Contractor
  • Approval process flexibility
Issuing a Supplemental Instruction

Request for Information

  • System automatically identifies and notifies users of the discipline(s) selected by the Contractor their response is required 
  • Contract Administrator reviews all responses prior to answer returned to Contractor
  • Follow-up questions managed as a revision of original question
Issuing an RFI

Request for Substitution

  • Easily request, track and report Consultant input on substitution requests
  • Substitution resubmissions managed as a revision to the original submission
  • When accepted, system automatically transfers information from substitution to scope change document

Quality Control

Site Visit

  • Retrieve real-time weather data directly within Onware for the project’s location and date of review
  • Document and manage deficiencies and/or safety issues with observations
  • Upload supporting images or drawings to observations
  • Create inspection checklists that can be used across all or specific projects
Issue a Site Visit


  • Stay on top of submittals with detailed searching and reporting
  • Save time by stamping documents directly inside of Onware
  • Start and end Bluebeam sessions for drawing markups, including invite reviewers directly from within Onware
  • Contractor submissions can be distributed to Consultants for review as part of the review process
Issuing a Submittal

Payment Process

Progress Claim

  • Contractors easily submit their monthly invoices and backup documents for review and payment certificate issued
  • Quickly Track and manage Claim review deadlines to ensure timely response or payment
  • Easily request, track and report Consultant input
  • System chronologically maintains records and automatically calculates payment amounts, including current and previous of retained, released and paid amounts
Approving a Progress Claim

Change Management

Scope Changes

Consultant Recommendation

  • Consultant(s) propose an identified scope change
  • Custom numbering scheme to swiftly filter and sort by originating Discipline
  • Quickly transition Consultant Recommendation into a scope change document
Review a Consultant Recommendation

Change Request

  • Approval of scope change prior to pricing requested
  • Flexibility to implement a dollar value threshold
  • Role-based access ensures targeted visibility

Proposed Change

  • Change, also known as a Contemplated Change Notice or Proposed Change Notice
  • Categorize Changes by Code and/or Discipline for easy filtering and reporting
  • Seamlessly pre-populate change details, such as Title, Contract and dollar value into the Change Order
  • Track and report on multiple timelines, such as number of days to receive pricing and number of days to issuance of Change Order
  • Approval process flexibility
Issuing a Change for Pricing


  • Submit estimated price of requested scope change in as little as 2 clicks
  • Easily request, track and report on Consultant(s) input on submitted pricing
  • Time Impact and Quoted value automatically populate into the Change and subsequent Change Order
Creating a Quotation

Change Order

  • Pre-populated with details from the Change, such as title, contract, and dollar amount
  • Original and revised Contract Value, previous and current CO value automatically calculated chronologically by the system
  • Compile all documents related to scope change, including supporting documents, into one PDF “package”
Issuing a Change Order

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