Onware Mobile

Access your documents anywhere on-the-go


Work Offline


Have the ability to view documents offline. No matter if you are in the office, on-site, or on-the-go, the app allows you to view your downloaded documents at any time.

Get Notified

With the Onware Mobile app, you will receive push notifications on your mobile devices of any action items requiring attention. You can also view your action item on the app’s homepage much like using Onware online.

Save Time

The first time you log in, your credentials will be saved. The app keeps you logged in and saves you the hassle of signing in all the time..

Site Visits

Site Visits are issued as a review of the progress of work and to document any deficiencies. A Site Visit can be issued by a Contract Administrator, Consultant, or General Contractor Project Manager. When you are on site, you are able to take the document, add any comments, and send it to the next user in the workflow.

Coming Soon

New features to Onware Mobile are on their way to better our users’ experience. With automatic updates, these features will be added to your device



Choose who to invite to the meeting, include an agenda, and create and assign meeting tasks. Save time from having to re-type your notes. With Onware Mobile, your tasks flow from one meeting to another, letting you retain your records all in one place.

Easy Uploads

Upload documents from the app on the “Onware Web” section. Do you have images that supplement the attached document? You can access your device’s camera and upload pictures.


You can opt-in and share your current location when working from the app. Use this feature to prove you were on location for your site visits. Additionally, Geolocation will be used to connect o a web service and download relevant weather data that will form part of your report. The location of where your photo was taken will also be included in this feature.

Document Markups

Make all the necessary notes and comments you want. They will be saved and uploaded online once synced. If you want to bring attention to a section of the photo you took, the app allows photo editing and markups.

Voice Capability

If you don’t have time to type up comments for a report, take a voice recording instead. The recording will later be transcribed to text if necessary.

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