Onware Sync

The central point for seamless information sharing.


Onware Sync is a cloud-based platform that will integrate different construction management software applications such as Onware and Procore. It acts as a messenger and gathers information from one system’s database then inputs it to the next.

Most construction projects involve large volumes of information that is manually inputted into a construction software system. Often, these pieces of information need to be typed into more than one system. All this manual inputting translates into hours wasted each week and opens up to human error. However, for contract administrators, prime consultants, and architects alike, they rely on having up-to-date, accurate information to better understand the situation and make informed choices. Onware Sync will seamlessly connect your applications to save time and effort and save money.

How It Works

This product synchronizes your data from one application to another via a cloud-based system. Onware Sync is set to run automatically in the background to collect and process information from one system and inputs it to the next system of choice.

Onware Sync

For example, if you have a Request for Information from Onware that needs to be processed into Procore’s construction management system, your information can be communicated, hands-free without any effort, using Onware Sync. Once Onware Sync is onboard, your workflows will be connected to one another. The system will regularly pull data to keep everything in sync for you. Use Onware Sync to communicate between systems. By integrating your systems, you can improve productivity and focus on more important aspects of your project.