Dartmouth General Hospital Redevelopment

Once complete in 2021, the Dartmouth General Hospital redevelopment project presents the biggest healthcare upgrade project in Nova Scotia in quite some time; increasing the hospital’s capacity substantially to be able to administer healthcare work previously completed at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.

Dartmouth General Hospital’s redevelopment project is part of the QEII New Generation redevelopment project. a significant undertaking, multi-year project forecasting how Nova Scotia will meet the needs of its residences over the next 50 years.

The 4+ year project, targeting LEED certification and valued at over 150 million dollars, incorporates a new entrance, two existing floor renovations, as well as entirely new wing. The Neville J. Gilfoy wing is comprised of a three-story expansion of operating rooms, an outpatient center, endoscopy unit, sterilization facility, and increased space in the waiting and reception areas. Named after Neville J. Gilfoy, a local Dartmouth resident and business leader remembered for his contributions to his community, opened to patients and visitors in December 2019.

The remainder of the major renovations, including inpatient units, a new intensive care unit, a new intermediate care unit, diagnostic imaging department, enhanced pharmacy, as well as an expansion of the dialysis unit is anticipated to be completed in 2021.

Contract Administration is overseen by both Dialog and Lydon Lynch Architects, with Lydon Lynch Architects representing the local Contract Administration presence, in addition to communicating directly with the Client, Nova Scotia Transportation Infrastructure Renewal, for scope change reviews and approvals.

Dialog recognized the importance of using Onware for the Dartmouth General Hospital redevelopment at its onset for not only its real-time accessibility and notification of project information from any location, but also for its out-of-the-box flexibility.

In addition to the challenge of the project team spread across multiple provinces: Dialog in Toronto, Lydon Lynch in Halifax, and PCL Construction as well as the hospital located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the project’s document processes, and flow of information, is quite unique. Dialog quickly and easily met the needs of the project by modifying, refining and tailoring the software to meet the needs of the project. With over 300 settings, customizations are easily managed within Onware’s Collaborative Contract Administration software to adjust the document review workflow processes as needed; create customized letterhead specific to Nova Scotia Transportation Infrastructure Renewal; along with project specific Consultant discipline identification.



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Interesting Fact

  • The three-story expansion was named after Neville J. Gilfroy, a lifelong resident of Dartmouth and a community and business leader.
  • Expected to be complete late summer of 2021
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