MacEwan University Centre for Arts and Culture

Clark Builders uses Onware to store and track over 27,000 documents and attachments* on the MacEwan University Centre for Arts and Culture (CFAC) project, scheduled to open to students in the Fall of 2017.

A sizeable project, with an estimated total project cost of over $181 Million spanning over 3 years, was designed by Bing Thom along with Manasc Isaac architects. The newly constructed 5 story building is designed to house all programs previously available at the West End campus and includes additional space for new programs.

Clark Builders’ decision to use Onware to manage the CFAC project’s documents originated from their previous experience using Onware with the City of Edmonton’s Clareview Community Recreation Centre project.

When used on the Clareview project, Onware “showed what can be done”. The key selling point: its capability to “collaborate in a central Database”, says Tyler Demers the Project Coordinator for the MacEwan CFAC project.

From Trades/Subcontractors to the Owner, all project participants used Onware.



General Contractor:

Prime Consultant:

Bing Thom/


“Onware showed what can be done.”

– Eric Demers, Project Coordinator, MacEwan CFAC

Interesting Fact

  • Average manpower for the week of December 16, 2016, was 215 workers
  • Over 430,000 sq. ft. over 5 stories
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