Peter Lougheed Centre Hemodialysis Unit

Expansion of the existing Peter Lougheed Centre Hemodialysis unit, doubling patient capacity in addition to creating staff office and workspaces, the project team, comprised of Alberta Health Services (AHS), HFKS Architects Inc., and CANA Management Ltd., identified early on the importance of working together with a coordinated, collective and collaborative approach.

Recognizing Onware’s strength in real-time collaboration and visibility to project documents, coupled with its automated processes such as document review and notifications, the project team was very receptive to collaborating directly in Onware to aid in the successful execution of the project’s one-year deliverable. Onware’s project coordination is “really intuitive”, a CANA Management Ltd. team member commented to Michael Chu, Associate with HFKS Architects Inc.

The significance of the project team’s decision to collectively coordinate and collaborate was further emphasized with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In anticipation of increased emergency treatment, Alberta Health Services requested expediting the project by four weeks. Originally scheduled for completion in April 2020, the expanded Hemodialysis unit was successfully delivered in March 2020.

Utilizing Onware, the project team was able to monitor and respond to documents, directly in the system, with full visibility and tracking of project documents. “Onware assists [the] General Contractor and Owner [to] see things moving”, commented Michael Chu.

Using Onware’s real-time analytics, calculations such as average response times, are easily generated and effective in providing data-driven insights. For the PLC Hemodialysis unit project, the average response time for RFI’s is an impressive 2.08 days; with only one RFI exceeded 7 days to respond. Similar statistics are observed for the project’s Submittals, with an average response time of 3.20 days and less than 7% of the total Submittals exceeding 10 days in review.

Data-driven insights along with early project completion are two examples demonstrating the advantage for all project stakeholders to work collectively and collaboratively using Onware.



General Contractor:

Prime Consultant:


Onware “provides a one-stop shop to get and draw information on without having to rely on other file sharing sites” with “all deliverables tracked and uploaded to one spot”.

– Michael Chu, Associate, HFKS Architects, Inc.

Interesting Fact

  • The project was completed one month ahead of schedule in anticipation of the need for emergency treatment spaces due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Average Response Time is 2.08 days for RFI and 3.20 days for Submittals
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