SFU Residences Phase 1

Invested in expanding its on-campus student housing, Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus has earmarked $68.5M to construct a 7-story East and 8-story West wing tower located on the current Louis Riel residence site. The new towers, the first project of the housing expansion, are targeting LEED Gold certification and are scheduled to open the fall semester of 2020; providing first year students access to an additional 482 single room occupancy residences.

Prior to the project breaking ground, Dialog and Scott Construction Group committed to using Onware Sync, an integration tool developed by Onware to synchronize data from one application to another.

Configured to synchronize SFU Phase 1 Residences project data for RFI and Submittal document workflow processes between Dialog’s Onware Collaborative Construction Management software and Scott Construction Group’s construction management system, Procore, Onware Sync “reduces workload given the bulk of the documents are Submittals and RFIs” commented Amy Brittleton, Contract Administrative Assistant with Dialog.

Abhay Kaladharan, Project Coordinator for Scott Construction Group, echoed Amy’s sentiments expressing it is “a lot of work to manually enter information and responses and the use of Onware Sync reduces this” and is “happy with the way it works”.

Using Onware Sync allows both Abhay and Amy to continue to use their respective software of choice, so they can focus on more important aspects of the project. Onware Sync eliminates the need to duplicate data into both systems manually; reducing document control time and effort and the possibility of a delay in information dissemination, all while trusting RFI and Submittal project data to automatically flow into the respective software when expected.

Experiencing firsthand the numerous benefits of Onware Sync, Scott Construction Group has indicated the desire to use Onware Sync on all future projects using Onware. In fact, Onware Sync is already being utilized on another project between Scott Construction Group and Dialog.



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“A lot of work to manually enter information and responses and the use of Onware Sync reduces this” and “happy with the way it works”.

– Abhay Kaladharan, Project Coordinator

Interesting Fact

  • Onware Sync is currently being utilized on another project between Dialog and Scott Construction Group.
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