Real-time document accessibility:    An integral component to project continuity.

The current global health crisis is affecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including all of us in Canada.  As the COVID-19 situation remains uncertain, Onware continues committed to be part of our clients’ business solution providing project continuity and document accessibility.  In these times of uncertainty, one thing is certain: access to your Onware project data is available, always.

Whether your physical working location remains at an office, a job site, or has adjusted to a home office; or you are on the go with a hand-held device, Onware continues to provide access to project documents as it always has: 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Our clients can be confident their project data is secure and accessible, requiring no IT involvement or VPN/remote access, even when physical locations or situations change.

Proven an invaluable solution for real-time collaboration of document submission, reviews, and approvals, including automatic notifications and emails, reporting and tracking; Onware’s Collaborative Construction Management software, hosted by Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based and web-based solution utilizing a centralized location of project documents.  All without dependency on one person, organization or an IT team.