Scope Changes


A Quotation is an estimated price provided for products or a service on a project. A Quotation is issued by the General Contractor, and reviewed and accepted by the Contract Administrator. If additional information is required, recommendations are requested to selected consultants.


Change Order

After a Proposed Change Notice (PCN) has been issued and the Contractor’s Quotation has been received and accepted, a Change Order (CO) is created. COs created from a PCN are pre-populated with all the detail from the PCN (such as title, contract, and amount).



A Change, also known as a Contemplated Change Request or Proposed Change Notice, are used to request pricing on proposed changes. A change is issued by the Prime Consultant, pricing is provided (a quotation is issued) by the General Contractor, and the change is approved by the Owner.


Consultant Recommendation

Consultants can create or respond to a request for a Consultant Recommendation. When Issued the Contract Administrator can choose to start the Change process or issue a Supplemental Instruction.